Open Source Intelligence Virtual VM - OSINT4RIGHTS

VirtualBox VM based on Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS (Bionic Beaver)

Install includes:

Computer Vision Applications Installed


(or restore from pg backup file: geonames_backup)

VM folders:

/tools - for custom tools and scripts

/data - for language dictionaries, GIS data etc used by the tools

/workspace/input -- for files and images to be scanned

/workspace/output -- for output from running the tools

/workspace/tmp -- used by the tools in processing the files

Download Link & Instructions:

1) Download and Install Oracle VirtualBox (version 5.2.18+) for your operating system

2) Download and unzip the OSR4R VM file - [ download - 7GB zip file ] (ver 1.3) [changelog]

- put the hard drive image (.vdi) file somewhere on your local disk (e.g. in a new folder called c:/virtualmachines)

3) Open VirtualBox and add a new machine giving is the name OSINTLAB, configure it with 2+ CPUs and 8GB+ of RAM. Add a drive and point it to the .vdi file. Ensure you set it up for either mouse or tablet according to if you are using a laptop or desktop.

4) Double click on OSINTLAB in VirtualBox and wait for it to boot.

5) Log in as user osintlab with the password: $khf.t00ls$

Links and Technical Notes:

  • - set up to run as a background service (file: /etc/systemd/system/node-red.service) - connect from browser using
  • PostgreSQL database - username: postgres / password: osinttools
  • pgAdmin4 setup as a background service (file: /etc/systemd/system/pgadmin4.service) - - access locally via web browser on
  • mySQL database - username: root / password: osinttools