My research is centred in the overlap between models of space, mobile computing, and human-computer interaction. I am particular interested in how spatial models may be used to improve the effectiveness of interactions with mobile computers while exploring urban space.

I am employed at the University of Stirling as a Lecturer in Geospatial Technology. [link]


  • EPSRC via SECURE (Glasgow Uni)  LoRa Sensors for Flood Monitoring (2017)  –  £15k (Co-I)
  • SAGES – Visual Intelligence project (2017) – £1.5k (PI)
  • University of Stirling Dragon’s Den Finalist (2017) – ‘Team :Being Together’ – allocated £220k (consisting:  £20k equipment fund, PhD match funding, research trips, PI time buy out, etc)
  • NERC Grant – (ViPER II) (Co-I)  [link to website] Visualising Pathogen & Environmental Risk £125k – an innovation platform to bridge science & decision-making in catchment microbial dynamics, April 2017 – June 2018.
  • SEPA funding – Radiological Habits Survey (2015 -2018) – (Co-I)
  • NERC Grant – (ViPER) (Co-I)  [link to website]Visualising Pathogen & Environmental Risk £81k – an innovation platform to bridge science & decision-making in catchment microbial dynamics, October 2014 – March 2015.


Previous research:

Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Edinburgh:

‘The SpaceBook Project’ (Framework 7 Programme EU Funding) [link]
Eyes-free, hands-free, speech-driven interaction for pedestrian urban way-finding and exploration

  • Development of multi-client real-time server sided visibility engine accessible over networks for use by smartphone / PC clients
  • Development of a rich Edinburgh City Model, stored in PostgreSQL / PostGIS
  • Pedestrian tracker service to enhance urban positioning using map matching, and additional smartphone sensors
  • Development of Android mobile client applications

PhD research:
‘Advances in Visibility Modelling in Urban Environments to Support Location
Based Services (LBS)’ – Graduated 29 February 2012

  • New models of visual exposure for features of interest, including through vegetation canopy, in urban environments
  • A qualitative model for describing the arrangement of visible cityscape objects from an egocentric viewpoint, thereby more closely modelling the user’s context
  • An automated method to collect building colour attributes using computer vision
  • Referring expression generation, and parsing, based on visual attributes
  • Modelling and mapping of the visibility of the route ahead for a motorist

Other research:

  • Neighbourhoods and Health: Modelling the population’s accessibility to facilities (eg supermarkets) based on drive times (NZ wide model)
  • Vehicle Accident Project: Monte Carlo simulations of Kernel Density Estimation to find accident hot spots from 25 years of georeferenced vehicle accident data
  • Capture of georeferenced video/audio data to support the identification of probable sources for air pollution data anomalies

Other Awards:

  • GISRUK award for best research paper at 2013 conference
  • NZ Geographic Society President’s Award for Best Doctoral Thesis, 2012
  • GISRUK awards for best research paper at 2005 conference
  • AGI award for best research paper at 2005 conference
  • Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors Prize for MSc Dissertation, 2004
  • Shared award for Best MSc Dissertation of 2004 (University of Edinburgh)